Hacky Hour

Central Pennsylvania's only networking opportunity for the tech community is held weekly from 5:30-8 p.m. at New Leaf Initiative in State College.


Every Thursday from 5:30pm - 8pm


New Leaf Initiative on third floor of the State College Borough Municpal Building, 243 S.Allen St. in State College

Why Hacky Hour?

Over the past couple years of running meetups and working with developers, we realized that there are probably close to 1,000 software developers in the Happy Valley region, and they almost never get together to hang out and hack. We wanted to provide a time and a space for that to happen.

Is there any charge?

Nope. It's free for all attendees.

What is the format?

Sometimes we have invited speakers, and sometimes we host workshops. But often, it's an informal meetup. New Leaf has couches, tables, conference rooms. People can use the time to hang out with people that they know, meet new people, work with a pair on a project, or just sit on a couch and code solo.

What should I bring?

Bring your laptop, so you can work on your project or show other people what you're working on.

I was led to believe that there would be punch and pie.

We will have some good snacks and drinks. It won't be a full dinner, but it will be enough to keep everyone in a good mood. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks.

No alcoholic beverages, please — we want to be welcoming to those who are under age or do not drink, and it's against New Leaf's lease. When the festivities are over at 8pm, we imagine that there will be informal groups heading out to any one of the other fine establishments downtown.

How did you create this site?

You can get the source code on GitHub. Feel free to send us issues and pull requests.

It was generated and deployed with GitHub Pages, which makes things very easy. Many websites for open source projects use this technique nowadays.

How do I get in touch with the organizers?

You can email us at hello@hackyhour.com.